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English Language Training in Göteborg for Groups & Individuals


We build your language training around your needs. We focus on teaching you the vocabulary and skills you need to carry out your job. Here are some examples of the courses we offer:



General English Courses


Tailor-made business English for individuals and groups.
Writing modern business English.

Specialist English Courses


English for lawyers

English for HR managers
English for transport managers
English for supply chain managers
English for front desk staff
Making presentations in English


Real Tailor-Made Education


Before we can improve your language skills we first determine your current level of competency, and listen carefully to what you want. We always give our new students a free face-to-face interview with one of our teachers, when we will evaluate:


Your requirements
Your level
Your expectations

Engelskautbilding för studenter och grupper i Göteborg  och Göteborgsområdet.


Mail us for more information on our services, or call Kevin Harris on 0708 255 432